Fast & Safe Weight Loss Methods

Only in rare cases does anyone like to lose weight slowly. When we realize we have weight to lose we want it gone yesterday. So fast weight loss has become a huge industry catering to the wishes and desires of those who seek miracles. There are ways to lose weight quickly, but finding a healthy means that won’t harm your health is critical.

Fast Weight Loss Ideas
Among the many ways people attempt to lose weight quickly, some stand out as solid ideas while others have yet to stand the test of time.
Fasting – The fastest way to lose weight is to stop eating. Fasting can be to stop eating entirely relying only on water to fill your stomach over the course of days. Fasting can also be modified to be eating only during the hours of darkness or drinking nutrition rather than eating it. Fasting will help you drop weight quickly, but the vast majority of that weight will be water weight. You’ll lose as much muscle as you do fat under this diet as well.

Water and Cleansing – There are many chemicals that become stored in your body and if your colon is sluggish you might have waste trapped in your body for days contributing to health conditions and a feeling of excess weight. Purging this waste can help you lose weight by removing large quantities of stored water and impacted fecal material. Natural colon cleansers and water are the two most prominent items in this diet, but you might also find juices and fruits high in fiber.Learn more about them at

Liquid Diets – Not sustainable for any period of time, the liquid diet is lower in calories than a traditional diet, assuming your not drinking milkshakes, and the liquid is easier for your body to digest. A liquid diet is essentially a modified fast where you have some energy from the calories in the smoothies or shakes, but still lose weight.

Natural Diet – Processed foods and items high in artificial ingredients and sodium help the body store weight. Beat this by switching your diet to one consisting of only foods found naturally in nature. Whole grain breads, lean meats, fruits and vegetables will help your body improve in energy levels and will also help you shed unsightly pounds at a rapid rate.

Diet Prescriptions – Another way to lose weight quickly is to turn to a doctor for assistance. Weight loss doctors have a variety of programs, but diet pills are generally prescribed. These pills increase your heart rate and digestion and also stifle your appetite helping you to eat practically nothing all day. Most diet prescriptions come with supplements to help you get your essential daily vitamins and nutrients, but the diet pills have been shown to be dangerous over time and to those with heart or blood pressure conditions.

Exercise – A weekend spent working in the yard or scrubbing floors can burn serious calories and help you shake off some extra pounds. Working hard around the house or in the gym for hours on end can make you lose weight quickly if you’re watching your diet closely as well.